Catered to you.

Areas of Practice


Interview Coaching

Traditional and behavioral interview coaching will be completed in two 90-minute sessions. Both sessions will include mock interview simulations for the coach to perform an initial interview skills assessment and then again during the second session to gauge improvement. Real-time feedback will be provided after each simulation and the coaching session will be tailored based on the needs of the client. For two 90-minute sessions, or a total of 3 hours, the total cost will be due in advance of the first session.  If at any time the client does not want to proceed with the second session, a prorated refund can be issued for the remaining session. Additional 90-minute sessions can also be added as needed.



Resume Critique/Writing

Your resume is the first pitch that you give when applying for a new position - make sure it is catered to that role so you can land that first interview. I offer resume critiquing and writing assistance for clients who are dusting off an old resume or clients starting from scratch. Please contact me directly for rates and be sure to describe the scope of work required.



Career Coaching

Everyone hits a point in their career when they step back and think - "what am I doing?" or "what am I doing?".
Sometimes all you need is a sounding board for why you are feeling a little stuck or how you should navigate your next career move. I can offer general advice on topics specific to you and offer solutions for explaining those gaps in employment, why you left your last job, or the story behind your switch in industry. Please contact me directly for rates and be sure to describe the scope of work so I can adequately assess your needs and how I can help.