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Coaching and mentoring isn't just a skill, it's a passion. 

In 2000, Jennifer ignited her passion for mentoring as a tutor and camp counselor. With her ability to actively listen, empathize and eulogize, Jennifer discovered her knack at helping people tell their stories. As her life unfolded and her professional experiences grew, so did the opportunities for her to coach and mentor in those areas. Jennifer has had over 17 years of experience as a coach and mentor, and over eight years of experience in career placement and behavioral interview preparation/coaching. Jennifer believes that everyone who comes with an open mind can improve their abilities in self-advocacy.  

Jennifer graduated from the University of California – Berkeley with a major in Economics. After graduation, Jennifer began her career at a Big 4 Accounting firm and continued on to hold various roles in accounting, internal audit, compliance and risk management within the financial services industry.  Jennifer has always had a passion for people as demonstrated by her active involvement in community service initiatives over the last 17 years.  During this time, Jennifer has also dedicated the last eight years of her career as a tutor, mentor, and coach to provide job placement and career guidance in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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I believe that finding a coach and mentor is as personal as it gets. Before booking any session, I would like to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation to make sure I can meet your needs.  It is a privilege for me to listen to your stories and for me to help you tell them.

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