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Interview Coaching


Perfecting your (self)-pitch.

Clients come to us for any number of reasons - they are looking for a new job, tired of their current role, trying to seek ways of improving their elevator pitch, developing presence, looking to craft their own personal brand, or just looking for some practice.

What Interview Coaching can do for you:

Build Confidence.
Show off that smile. Walk in with poise. Being confident in yourself and your past experiences is the number one non-verbal selling point you can offer. Coaching will help build that confidence as you learn to give the interviewer everything they need to know about you - that you're the perfect candidate.

Gain Perspective.
Many coaches can forget that their role is more about listening and less about talking. In order to give you perspective, we have to hear you first. Tell us your stories and ask us your questions - and we will help you deduce what it could mean or how interviewers may interpret your responses.

Alleviate Pre-Interview Jitters.
Perhaps you've been out of the job market for a while or perhaps it is not uncommon for you to sweat uncontrollably during an interview, receiving coaching and getting comfortable plays a huge role is getting rid of those interview jitters.

Interview Skills Assessment.
How many times have you gotten lost in your own head? The most difficult part about effective communication is getting the thoughts in your head articulated through your mouth. With our coaching methodology, we will provide you with real-time feedback spread over each session to see where you started and how you are improving.

Develop a Personal Brand.
Who are you? What makes you special? Responding to these questions requires a certain level of self-awareness of where you've been and where you'd like to go. We can help you attain that level of self-awareness and help you identify what your career defining moments were. Walking through a series of exercises, we will figure out what your personal brand is and how you can use it to self-advocate.




Areas and Industries We Prep


The world of consulting is fast-paced and ever changing. They seek candidates who can pull double duty: who can keep up with the rigors of work while balancing the needs of their clients. We can ensure your responses are sharp and on-point.

Scholarship/Admissions Interviews

You are never too young or too old to be a student of life. Whether you are a high-school student looking to land a full ride, or an MBA admissions candidate looking for an edge - scholarship and admission interviews can be quite intimidating due to the sheer volume of questions and the wide scope of questioning. Are you prepared to answer them all?


The stigma of paper-pushers and number-crunchers is a thing of the past. Finance and accounting professionals don't just hide in their cubicles anymore, they are expected to manage relationships and teams. Can you show your analytical and interpersonal ability in an articulate response? I'm sure you can - let me help!

Medical Residency Interviews

Medicine and Business have a lot more in common than you may think, including the types of behavioral interview questions they get. The only major difference is that business professionals started getting groomed and conditioned to self-promote and advocate their cause a little earlier in life. Let me catch you up to speed in no time. 

Product Management

Technically savvy? Check. Critical thinker? Check. Problem solver? Check. The world of product management has an entire consultancy dedicated to the field - so what new and innovative ideas do you bring to the table? Now walk me through it.

How did you do?


How can you convey your passion without the emission of a high-pitch squeal? Industries want to know that you LOVE what you do. Are you ready to convince them that is your chosen path and do your stories back-up your story? Let's get your story straight so we can let that passion shine through.


The future depends on what you do today
— Mohatma Gandhi